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What to Expect

Initial Intake/Forms:

There is a "Medical Intake Questionnaire" and "New Client Letter" you will fill out at the beginning of your first appointment.  

Length of Session:

The Rolfing session typically lasts 90 minutes. Your first session may last 10-15 minutes longer due to the initial intake time. 


The cost of the session is $130. I prefer cash or check but I do accept credit cards.

What To Wear:

Please wear what you feel comfortable in, but keep in mind it is helpful for me to see the majority of your structure so I can evaluate misalignments, strain patterns, imbalances, and various other patters. Females typically wear shorts and a sports bra or tank top. Males wear some kind of shorts and a t-shirt. There is a changing room for you to change clothes in upon arriving. 

Structure of Session:

We'll begin by discussing your Medical Intake Form, relevant background information such as injuries, surgeries, traumas, what brings you to Rolfing and what you hope to gain through the process. We will look at your structure and I will explain to you what I see and how we can address your various patterns. We will conduct various structural assessments to locate strain patterns and misalignmnents.

Through use of the Low Level Cold Laser, we will help facilitate the energy and communication between your brain and body to flow more efficiently and effectively. This will help the work we do to last longer and integrate more effectively in your system.

You will then lay on the table and I will use direct manual tissue manipulation in conjunction with the cold laser to achieve the goals of the session.

Is it Painful?

The answer is no. Traditionally Rolfing developed the reputation for being painful due to the deep, intense technique used to align the body. There was little to no consideration given to the nerves and the overall nervous system. In today's Rolfing we realize the impact and extreme importance of the nervous system and how it relates to the healing and restoration of the body. Through use of the Cold Laser and new techniques being taught at The Rolf Institute, we are able to not only achieve the same goals of structural integration but also eliminate nerve inflammation and work in such way that does not inflict pain on clients. There may be brief moments of discomfort but majority of the time Rolfing is relatively gentle, as to not further inflame the nerves, and feels good because we are helping put the body back into its preferred state of being.